Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

19 July 2005

Happiness Is What My Life's About

Rehearsals--much to my surprise--have been going very well. Last night I finished everything I wanted to do in two hours of my scheduled three-hour rehearsal. This play is so short! I hope I can figure out how to make it funny as well as everything else. The play has it's own problems (I don't know who here has read The Two Gentlemen) but a man attempts to rape his best friend's fiancée, is caught, forgiven and restored to friendship all in about 5 minutes and the girl doesn't say anything. Definitely problematic. It will work out, though.

Things have been great lately... except for the whole overheating car thing. I feel productive, and I feel lately that I am really working toward a future--owning property does that for you, I guess. I always talk about my big plans for the future on this blog, and I assume that everyone is sick of hearing them, especially after I didn't go off to school this summer, but, honestly I think about it all the time. It weighs upon my mind and demands to be acknowledged. And it's not just me comparing myself to my successful friends (read: Allan and James), it's that I want to begin moving toward a place where money isn't a problem and I no longer have to work at a job which holds no interest for me.

By the way: happy birthday, Allan. I know I'm a day late. It seems to be a trend, lately.