Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 September 2005

Car Trauma Resolved... for the Moment

I was up before dawn this morning and by 7:15 I was waiting in line at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. I was expecting it to be a little like the pictures of lines in the old Communist Soviet Union: you know, people standing in line at government offices for various things that they need. But it was actually quite organized. Everyone stands in the same line, and then a guy behind bulletproof glass sorts the people and tells you what forms you need and gives you a letter and a number. The letter is to tell the people helping you what you need and the number is what order you are in. It's all quite detailed. And then they told me to sit and wait for my number to be called. I had to shell out $20.00 for the new license and I had to get my picture taken, but the DMV opened at 8:00a and I was home by 8:35. The rental car place didn't even open until 9:00a!
Enterprise fitted me with what looks like a brand-spankin'-new Chevy Cobalt (it replaced the Cavalier, so I am told, and is much nicer-looking than the Cavalier, which I always thought was trying to look like a miniature flying saucer.) Anyway, the Cobalt (oddly, a white vehicle) is a much better car than that Pontiac Sunfire thing rental car places usually give me.
The Autobody shop doesn't know how long it will take to fix the car, but I don't much care anymore. I have a rental! Hooray! And all before 10:00a.

And, now that I have time to work on Hard Times, do I? Oh no. I decide, instead to watch all of the extra features on my DVD of Howards End. I might be returning to my Merchant Ivory obsession.

Is anyone else in love with this song from Grizzly Man by Don Edwards? It's called "Coyotes" and I'm all about it.