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24 September 2005

Hard Times Casting

I have a cast as of last night and I swear I got everyone I wanted. It's as thought I didn't cast my show concurrently with Tales of the Lost Formicans, as though the cast for that show had exactly opposite needs to my own. Anyway, the cast:

Joe Ngo: Mr. Bounderby, Mr. Harthouse, Mr. Sleary
Cynthia Pérez: Sissy Jupe, Mrs. Sparsit, Rachael
Matt Guerra: Mr. Gradgrind, Stephen Blackpool
Mary Schneider: Louisa Gradgrind
Gabriel Bronson: Tom Gradgrind, Bitzer
Elizabeth Zambrano: Mrs. Pegler

It's like a dream cast for me, honestly. Linda gave me every single person I asked for and more.