Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 November 2005


Umm... did I see a completely different movie than everyone else did? I loved Jarhead. I mean, not only did I completely dig the photography (one visual stunner after another, to my mind) but I thought the acting was really great, too. Peter Sarsgaard is always amazing but I think he found even further depths of desperation and sadness with this film, and I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was great. Why is everyone saying that nothing happens in this movie? Why am I hearing noises about it being an empty tale? Why has everyone wiped this off of their year-end best lists?

Jarhead is excellent. Excellent, I tell you. It's poetic and beautiful and utterly fascinating. It's frequently funny and occasionally frustrating, but for me it was always riveting and I really connected with the soldiers out there.
And the story is so important. I loved it. Really. I moved it to #9 for the year. Highly recommended.

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