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29 November 2005

Hit Me, Baby

I think somebody called me today from The Guardian. It was the most random thing ever.

A while back I wrote a quick (negative) review of Steven Zaillian's new adaptation of Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men. You can read the original piece here if you are so inclined. About a month later or so, after All the King's Men was pulled from Sony's fall lineup, I got an email from the moderator of a Jude Law newsgroup. She wanted to link my review from her page. I very rarely, or so I think, have people with whom I am unacquainted reading my blog, so it's more than I'm used to, but fine.

Today, I got a call at work asking me about my weblog and my opinion on All the King's Men. This guy interviewed me as to my why I disliked the movie: what worked, what didn't, what my favorite film of the year was so far (he and his wife loved Brokeback Mountain). It was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. I wasn't really probing into who this guy actually was--for all I know he could've been from any paper anywhere or he could have been the top film writer for The Guardian. I really can't remember. I was just so, well, stunned. So much hullabaloo: such a bad film. My interviewer said the Jude Law had been raising a bit of a ruckus over something negative they said about the film and they needed to substantiate things a bit more. So weird.

For the record, Jude, I thought you were great in the film. I just hated everything else about it.

I still have so many films to see for 2005. (I know it's still November, but I feel behind. All the journalists have seen everything already.) I'm figuring that my favorite film of the year will be among the following four: Brokeback Mountain (gay story, probably depressing, very hot guys, getting good word of mouth), Match Point (Woody Allen returns! and I love me some Woody), or The New World (I think Terrence Malick is a genius; The Thin Red Line is one of my all time favorite movies, or The White Countess (you all know I'm crazy over Merchant-Ivory). Or it may just stay the same with Good Night, and Good Luck. remaining my favorite of the year's movies. OR... and this would make me happier still: there is still a film out there that I haven't seen just waiting to surprise me with its fabulousness.

Um, so I deleted all references on this weblog as to where I work. The call at my place of employment was a tad unnerving. I forget just how public this is.

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