Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 November 2005

Free Wallets

Judith Miller "retires" from The New York Times. Whatever. I mean, this woman has been kowtowing to the Bush administration for so long, who even cares? And then she went to county lock-up like she was some kind of saint or martyr, when in reality she was covering up for a man who has now been indicted on felony perjury charges and perhaps worse.

I went shopping tonight. ExpressMen sent me a coupon for a free wallet (it's not much: a small thing that will only hold my license and two or three credit cards, but cute) and $25 off anything in the store. Heck yeah. I bought a pair of citron-washed distressed jeans that I had been admiring. Oh yeah, and in the free wallet: another $25 off coupon.
Anyway, I've been working so much overtime at ***** now that Hard Times has closed, so I guess I deserve a little time out shopping.

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