Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 November 2005

Things Learned This Weekend

1. There is room for discussion at my parents' house about equality for women. My sister still says things like, "It's my opinion; I don't need anything to back it up." There's just no response to that, but I think I got through to my mom just a little. (Why we were talking about North Country, a film none of us has seen, I do not know.)

2. If he consumes large quantities of carbohydrate, Aaron can drink many glasses of wine (both red and white) and not get drunk.

3. Holiday parties can be a heck of a lot of fun: even for atheists. (Is "atheist" supposed to be capitalized? I'm gonna go with no.)

4. If you want to make Aaron talk vehemently for an hour and a half, just bring up the Intelligent Design theory.

5. I still don't understand Constance Congden's The Tales of the Lost Formicans, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

6. Robert Siodmak's The Killers from 1946 is an awesome piece of film noir. The Criterion Collection DVD, which I recently Netflixed, also contains all kinds of articles and interviews about the film noir movement, which really enhanced my knowledge on the subject. It also contains an early short film by Andrei Tarkovsky of Ernest Hemingway's story. Really cool.
It also firmly proved the point in my head that that history teacher in university all those years ago who said that film noir was a movement of the 1950's was off his rocker. I thought so at the time (and questioned him in class) but I never really got an answer until yesterday. I still don't know what that guy was talking about.

I still haven't been to the movies yet this weekend. Bee Season, anyone?

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