Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

19 July 2006

Look what I found!

I'm packing everything today (whatever is left to pack) and I'm going through the documents in my bedroom and I keep finding these totally random pieces of paper with dreams scrawled all over them. This particular one I found on an orange folder. It's written in pencil and has no date on it. I assume that the date of this dream is sometime in 2000. Anyway, I'm throwing the folder away, so I thought I'd transcribe the dream...
Today I had a very vivid dream. It was very heavily involved with the ring of Doom. I don't remember all of what it entailed but me and 2 others, a man and a woman escaped an evil force in this house-sort of location. The name Vitoria was linked to the evil spirit and the 3 of us all had rings of power. We stepped through human guts to escape. I remember that specifically, and I was an actor still, and not disenchanted. We escaped solely because of my will, even though the girl and guy had both given up and I had given up as well. The only way evil could win is if we stayed there and drove ourselves mad, but we escaped, and on our way out we cursed his evil presence, especially the girl, who called him "fucker" twice. The guy had a more powerful ring than I, but it was I, still, who had saved him, we had actually escaped first, but went back in to get my watch and wallet. We were looking for something in the house, and it was that that was driving us mad. It's really vivid. The house was a version of my aunt's house mixed with a school classroom, the front of the house was the corner of Foothill & Indian Hill. I think the girl might've been black. At the end, though I knew it was over and we'd escaped, the evil force came out to address us, even though it was over. He/she (I think now that it was both sexes) asked to hear who had defeated her. We said our names: the guy first, with his lineage or home or something, and attaching the ring to his title. Then I did the same thing, and then, the girl, who called him many insults. Then we left. We had won. I woke up. There was definitely a bloodbath inside, too, bt we were all staying. We were all looking for the answer, even though the answer was to leave.
Note the Lord of the Rings imagery. Also, all of my dreams used to involve the house I call "my aunt's house." They never do any more, but that house definitely represents my childhood home, which is what I always considered it. The Indian Hill/Foothill thing is important too. I spent most of my free time in college near there with my friends Jaime and Derek. Also note how I always forget my wallet and keys, even in my dreams. Geez.