Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 January 2007

How I Get Convinced to Go to Things

A series of text messages from my friend Ryan.

Ryan: 80's night @ brothers??
Me: When is that?
Ryan: Tonight
Me: I know you're joking. I'd love to but I'm drowning here.
Ryan: Carpe diem - gay research?
Me: Ha ha ha ha. Sorry. I'm out.
Ryan: You may be missing your husband! You will miss me next year. These moments will be gone.
Me: Oh shut up. You are ridiculous. I can't go. I will never get my degree if I do.
Ryan: You are going to be a spinster with a degree.
Me: You are so mean.
Ryan: You know I love you. That is why I am concerned. Well at least you can make me a scarf.
Me: I hate you.
Ryan: Brothers 1130? Move away from the loom.