Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 January 2007

Waking Up Scared

I've been having a series of dreams where I worry. Last night I was back at the old accounting office in Monrovia (before I worked at the airport) making some extra money--something that will never ever happen again. But I was supposed to leave the office at 5:00p in order to make a 6:00p rehearsal call. So I leave the office on time and get in my car and the clock says 6:47p. I am already an hour and 45 minutes late. And I have no idea how that happened or what the dream was about.

The night before that I dreamt someone had rifled through my wallet and stolen all of my money. I woke up and checked my wallet as though it were real.

Maybe I'm moving into a paranoid phase.