Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 April 2007

Humorous Quotations

These were compiled by Amy, one of my fellow MAs. She wrote stuff down that she thought was funny starting very early in the year. I have reprinted her list with her permission:

"That's the day all the grandmothers choose to die." Beth, 9/5

"Can we burn some sage in here?" Ryan, referring to our office, 9/7

"I don't know about that pink t-shirt" Mary Karen, in response to Aaron being a boy, 9/20

Julie: "Mary Karen, I can't focus here."
MK: "That's the state of the world" 10/12

Mary Karen: "Some motherly advice: this is a wooden floor. If you need to move your chair, pick it up, move it, put it down again. Otherwise, you will be condemned to refinishing wooden floors in the first circle of Hell."
Jaime D: "I don't remember that in Dante."
Mary Karen: "If Dante had wooden floors, I'm sure he would have included it." 10/24

"I'm not giving up on Marx!" Aaron, 11/8

"They're not going to let me teach alone anymore." Mary Karen, 11/9

"I had to try and explain Hamletmachine to him over the phone . . . it was NOT a good time" Jamie K, 11/9

"Mary Karen, you're dead to me." Julie, after MK mentions Faust, 11/22

Jamie D: "It's one of the latest plays in Bush-bashing!"
MK: "ooooh! I hope you're including a text for me!" 12/7

Natalya: "It's a long, extended fellatio extravaganza"
Aaron: "Oh, it's a classic!" 1/29

Lyn the undergrad: "There are SO many handicapped spots on the first floor of the garage!"
Carrie: "I know, I'm in utopia!" 3/1

"When I say a big party, I mean in the kitchen." Jamie G., 4/26