Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 May 2007

The (Not-so) Gay Divorcee

A couple nights ago I sat down and watched The Gay Divorcee, which is very badly titled, if you ask me. Firstly, it's not very gay at all not really about gay people, though it is kinda gay (I mean, I liked it, so that means it's at least a little gay—I have no idea what I'm talking about). Secondly, it's not really about a divorcee. The eponymous divorcee (Ginger Rogers) is the object of the main character's affection. Fred Astaire chases Ginger Rogers (Americans loose in Britain) from London to a little town by the beach where they fall in love and dance. It's quite charming, really. Alice Brady also stars as Ginger Rogers' doddering aunt, and she's wonderfully hilarious. (She would be Oscar-nominated for a similar role in the following year's My Man Godfrey.) The songs in the film are great, the classics being "Night and Day" and "The Continental", a song which—and I wouldn't joke about this—lasts for a total of sixteen minutes. It's a nice tune, but it was beginning to wear on me by the time all the dancing was through. (And then, of course, they bring it back for a little reprise at the end of the film.) This movie's a classic, though, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Alright, I need to go read a play or something.

I'm coming to Los Angeles in less than three weeks!

P.S. I freaking love The Light in the Piazza. Victoria Clark is fabulous.