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08 August 2011

All of This Came True

Aaron: Rise of the Planet of the Apes?
Stephanie: Yes! The trailer sold me! I didn't even realize it was a Planet of the Apes movie at first. I assumed it was Milk 2.
Aaron:  Bahahahaha.
Stephanie: No but really, I was waiting for the monkey to be Harvey reincarnate.
Aaron: I heard the monkey actually is Sean Penn filmed using mocap technology.
Stephanie: I mean, I figured. I know those facial expressions, even on a primate.

Stephanie: Cool cool! Who's all going? Is this a date?
Aaron: I didn't invite anyone else, but that would certainly be fine with me.
Stephanie: Just a warning: I always put out.
Stephanie: I mean never***! Shall we invite anyone else?
Aaron: Sure! Whomever. As long as they aren't assholes.
Stephanie: I only associate with assholes.
Aaron: That's why I mentioned it.

Spoiler alert. The movie really is Milk 2 in some ways. Keep your eyes peeled for Gaëtan Dugas (look it up) to make an appearance at the very end of the film.

Also, I really liked it. I totally bought the whole thing.

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