Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 November 2011

Fairy Dust

I'm sort of reading Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's A Dialogue on Love. In small spurts before I go to sleep.

I've been reading so much literature about Deliverance lately, however, that I gave myself a break and sat down and read a large chunk of A Dialogue on Love last night. I was rewarded with the following discussion about the way EKS sees her friends:

They do seem so glamorous and numinous to me. I always see the light shaking out of their wings. It does shock me when anyone views them in an ordinary light—or worse, when they see each other that way.
It's as though I want to start out powdering people with fairy dust when I first know them—like there's a working hypothesis that I'll trust them, we're playing the same exciting game, that they're radiant, kind, mysteriously talented, spiritually powerful. With lots of people the sequins naturally drop off soon, quite without melodrama or, really, embitterment. But if people stay numinous to me for a while, then there they are—in the pantheon.

I love this. And I think it is how I am when I first meet people, as well.

Many, many people in my life are simply magical to me.
And I always think it is so strange when other people in my life view the ones I love the most as though they are not luminous.