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14 November 2011

I Thought That Movie Was Called...

I keep thinking that Hugo and The Adventures of Tintin are the same movie. And I realized today, when my friend George and I got out of seeing 300 Immortals, that the reason I think they're the same movie is because they're being sold as though they're the same movie.

Why are these posters exactly the same? A vague blue mist, implying some sort of magical aura, gold lettering implying (what does that imply? Christmas?)

And then there's the gold light behind each of the young male figures which are the posters' centers. The light hits these boys just so. These both appear to be chase films more than anything else. They are running from something, each of these boys, and running toward us, toward adventure. And we can join them...

I shouldn't make fun. By all accounts, both movies are quite good. But a little imagination for the marketing campaigns, it seems to me, is in order.

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