Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

01 March 2004


I always start to feel sick after baking a cake... and sure enough, as I was packing up the leftover food from my party, I started to get sniffly.  Damn powdered sugar.  I swear I'm allergic, which is just wrong for someone who used to decorate these motherfucking pastries all the time.  Thank goodness I only do it every once in a great while nowadays.  I don't know how I got burned out on cake so early in life.  I didn't even send the devilled egg stuffing through the pastry bag last night.  I just spooned the shit into the hard-boiled half and hoped for the best.

Did I mention that I make perfect hard-boiled eggs every single time.  Peeling them takes no time at all, the shell comes off all at once, the cracked ones stay in the shell instead of spreading all over, etc.  And I can do like 18 at once.  Seriously.  I don't know why this is getting shared with the world, but it's my journal so oh freaking well.

I called in sick today.  I told them I wasn't feeling well and would come in and work straight thru 12-6 instead of the normal 9-4.  The real reason is that I have to drive to Anaheim for the Rufus concert and I don't want to have to go back home before traffic starts and waste all that time.  I hate to waste time.  This way, I'll just leave right from work to go see Mr. Wainwright.  I've never been to one of his concerts... well, that's not really true.  He opened for Tori when I saw her in San Diego in 2001, but that was a shortened set and he's had an album since then.