Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 March 2007

New Musical Project

My rehearsal sucked tonight. Mostly I sucked.

We have all of these problems with needing space in which to work. For some reason we never have a rehearsal space. It's been making me totally crazy. So again, today, we got into our space at eight and got kicked out at nine. So we had to move. It's not like it throws off my chi or anything, but the actors start to think that this is a slipshod operation and they don't have to work hard. So they were silly and unfocused and I was getting frustrated.

But of course I hardly know these actors, and they're lovely young people so I can't get too stern with them. And they don't know me, so they don't know I'm getting irritated or anything. Grr.

Ah well. There's always tomorrow. And we don't open until April the sixth.