Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 March 2007

New Musicals

I don't know why but lately I don't feel like talking to anyone. I am much more interested in loving from afar.

Perhaps I'm receding into the gray twilight that is turning thirty. Hahaha. Okay that was a joke.

There is a risk of becoming sedentary in Theatre Studies. It would be so easy to not ever DO any theatre. Instead I could just read, read, read about it until my mind is filled with (not necessarily meaningless) data about bunraku and and Dael Orlandersmith and Coco Fusco and kabuki and Seneca.

I am working on a show now, though. It is called The New Musical Project (I didn't write the title, not that I dislike it) and it will be a staged reading of four new musicals, all of which are really great. Did I tell you guys this? The titles of the musicals are:

The Birthday Present: a 25-year old gets his brother a birthday present to cheer him up. Songs include "Dude, It's a..." and "The Best Present Ever".

The Adventures of Gilda: a famous hand model goes into hiding by wearing opera-length gloves and driving an ice cream truck into the desert to bring ice cream to the desert children. Her co-travelers are Zac, a recent escapee from a camp for the masculinely challenged and Baby Jesse, who had fifteen minutes of fame when she was rescued from the bottom of a well as a youngster but wants to shed her youthful image. Songs include "Teddy Bears are Bitches" and "Battleground".

What Happens Here: a young man hires a prostitute for the evening in Las Vegas. Both are harboring dark secrets. This is a sung-through show.

Soon Never: Colby, a 22-year-old production assistant for a Hollywood bigwig watches his boss's daughter, 12-year-old Montana, for the day. Montana is a famous actress (shadows of Dakota), who promptly seduces Colby (after accusing him of rape) and convinces him to kill her dad. Songs include "Purple House" and "You Said," which is the creepiest song ever.