Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

23 March 2007

Picture Share

By request, here are some pictures of my house. I know, I know; I've lived here since August and I'm just posting pictures?! Yes. And the reason is that I got new stuff for the walls over Spring Break and now they don't look so bare and I don't mind sharing pictures. So: from the front door if you look directly to your right, you see:

From there:

You can't really see the kitchen or the bathroom all that well, but here's one of the great room:

And another:

And these two were taken from my bedroom door:

And for kicks, this is Joe and Gretchen. We're at the Irish pub in Tally called Finnegan's Wake. Joe is the musical director and Gretchen is the producer for the New Musical Project: