Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

10 April 2005


Having a bad rehearsal makes me feel as though the world is going to end. I hate it. Hate hate hate. I got so fucking pissed off at the cast of Matt's show today. Seriously I wanted to fucking throttle someone. I was so ANGRY! And I so very rarely get angry... it actually feels a little weird to be this pissed off. But geez they made me mad. It makes me so depressed to have a bad rehearsal... and at the beginning of the week, too. Grrr.

The As You Like It reading went well enough, I suppose. Carlos Baldeon, Lauren Donahoo, Nathan Weaver, Kim Porter and Mary Schneider were all good. And actually most of the supporting players were fine as well. I would've cut it a little differently had I known the cast better, but what can you do? There was a hilarious moment in the show... I had decided to have intermission between Acts II & III, so after we finished Act II, the actors were kind of sitting around wondering how to get off stage (we hadn't rehearsed that: silly me), but then instead of getting offstage for intermission, Chris Gelvin got up and just started in doing Act III. The actors started looking around at one another and me in absolute horror. Quick as ever, Joe Ngo and Jamie Le Jeal got up and played the scene with Chris Gelvin until it was through, at which point Carlos Baldeon got up and walked offstage. The other actors followed.

I spent the day in Palm Springs and got nice and sunburned. I also bought shoes... and bakeware. And I met two very nice gay men and spent the day with Linda Bisesti and her husband Matt Reidy, who are just lovely. It was good. Then I went to rehearsal.