Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 April 2005

Smoked Applewood Bacon and Gorgonzola

This weekend, I achieved what I always attempt: a slower perspective. I smoked hooka on Friday with Scott, Aaron and Julie, while they told me how much they will miss me if I go. I did this until very late while drinking cosmopolitans from a highball. Nice.

Saturday I woke up leisurely and watched Howard Hawks and William Wyler's Come and Get It and was very pleasantly surprised by (mostly) the acting. Howard Hawks is not usually my thing, but Come and Get It has interesting themes of mortality and anti-Capitalism and I think Joel McRea is cute. Then I did laundry and finished last week's crossword.
After that, Wahima met me at my house and then we picked up Mike Steger in Hollywood and headed out to see Laundry & Bourbon at Ultimate. We ended up being at the theatre for four hours (which I had planned on, but which I think was unplanned by my companions) and then we just hung out talking for a few hours. It was Danny, Ashley, Elizabeth, Justin, Aaron, Kim, Mike, Wahima and me, and it was a nice, relaxing time.

Today after sleeping very late I awoke, did some scheduling for the show, updated my Netflix queue, watched an old Charles Boyer/Hedy Lamarr flick: Algiers. Then I watched all of the extras on my copy of Maurice (back to my Merchant Ivory obsession.)

I leisurely headed out to rehearsal around 4:30p, stopping for a chopped salad at CPK and getting in a good bit of reading. It was so nice outside today and I soaked up the fresh air like a dry sponge.