Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 September 2006

Dark at the Top of the Stairs

I have been rather gloom and doom the last two or three days (last night was a notable exception) says my friend and I suppose he's sort of right.

But you know what? I have nothing at all to complain about and I'm not going to mope over nothing at all when what I'm actually feeling is a little overwhelmed and a little distasteful of the assignments in one of my classes. (Well, maybe I will mope, but I won't be doing so in this space.)

Life is great. My classes are mostly great and I feel like my research is going well.
Rumor also has it that the house is supposed to close tomorrow. Of course, I've heard that every day for a month but every day I hold out hope that today it will be true.

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