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05 September 2006

The Winter's Tale at CSUP

You really must check out this video of my dear friend Marcos Tello promoting the Southern California Shakespeare Festival, my employers last summer.

Shame on the interviewer for the following: she pronounces his name "Marcus Teijo" and she uses the non-term "Thesbian" (or perhaps she meant Lesbian actors... maybe she knows more about this production than she lets on.) I also feel like I ought to take issue with her pronunciation of the word "familiar" as "fermiliar" (this is a new pet peeve of mine) and her total misuse of the word "alumnus:" an error that, I guess, stems from the constant use of the word "alumni" as the singular. Has "alumni" been misused so often as the singular that we now think "alumnus" is the plural? Sheesh.

And "first professional season?!?!?" Is my friend serious? Even if this show were some kind of first for the Southern California Shakespeare Festival, which it isn't, a show does not a season make. Even last year felt a little more like a season and that was two shows back to back, something I wouldn't call a season either.

God bless Marcos, though, for his insight that speaking Shakespeare once you know what you're doing is as "easy as pie." He's right as rain, here. And good for him for plugging the Taper and the Geffen, though the Taper, in all fairness, is not a part of some resurgence in Los Angeles Theatre: it's been going strong for decades now. I have praised the Geffen more than once in this space, though, and I'm glad Marcos found time to do it. Good for him too for singling out the "phenomenal faculty" at CSUP (I agree) and making a point of our excellent technical program. Finally, kudos to him for introducing some of the play's elements in his interview, as well: "the laid back Bohemia and more rigid Sicilia." How knowledgeable he sounds! Call me impressed.