Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

19 September 2006

A Poem for Last Friday (9.15.06)

My house closed this evening. Finally. Anyway, on to the topic of this post: poetry!

I wrote this poem on Friday, though it had been germinating for a week in my head. And though I don't normally share my poetry with you guys (except for my haiku), I am proud of this one and it sort of embodies the FSU spirit as it relates to me.

On friday the campus quiets
The heavy air pushing the students
Out of the classrooms
Off of the fields and away
Taking refuge from the depressing air
In bars and barbecue joints
And parties where the keg is the
Center of attention
They celebrate the holiness of the weekend
Forgetting their three-page papers
Their reading
Their upcoming tests on the relations of race in
But I haunt the campus in the late afternoon on friday
The quiet reminds me that I must work in solitude
But like my fellows
I too begin to forget
Worries about presenting my research
Abandon me under the blanket of the air
And stillness visits me
With friday comes a small peace
For now the week is over
An armistice is called between me and my teachers
And they won't ask me anything else
Until monday

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