Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 September 2006

School Is Keeping Me Busy

Today I'm grading papers. I am so sick of reading about gender issues in Othello I can't even talk about it. Some of them are about racial issues, too. And, like, two of them have been about how Othello is a tragic hero in the Aristotelian sense. Let me tell you I am tiiiiiired of this play.

I have fifty-one papers to grade on Othello before Wednesday. I've finished more than half, but I have a new batch of papers coming in on Wednesday, so I have to get cracking. Wednesday's papers are going to be all about Fences. I like that play a little better than Othello, but I'm sure after fifty of those I'll be just as sick of August Wilson.

In truth, though, I'm only grading papers because I really really don't want to do what I should be doing (researching Faust.) So may the lord bless Othello and paper-grading. At least it's keeping me away from Johann von Goethe.