Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 June 2005

Monday Bloody Monday

How did Justice Clarence Thomas get to be so nutso? The man is crazy. I think he's damned intelligent and all, I just don't understand how he gets to his conclusions.

I had the most productive, successful evening! I did a load of laundry. I cleaned half-cleaned my kitchen. And then I got a call from Matthew Guerra saying he wasn't going to do The Two Gentlemen. Then he called back like an hour later saying he'd changed his mind. He'd spoken with one of the other cast members and had a change of heart. Cheers! I am excited for this show. It's coming up so soon!

And then... I made the most delicious food ever: macaroni and cheese. The baked kind. The kind where the cheese bubbles up to the top and turns brown and good on the surface. The kind where the cheese and the "cheese sauce" are completely different elements blending together in harmony to create perfection. Plus I put jalapeños in mine. I took it out of the oven about twenty minutes ago and it is SO FUCKING GOOD.

I am feeling sooo tired. I went with Elizabeth and Justin to the late show of Rebel Without a Cause at the NuArt in Westwood last night, which meant getting home around 12:30a, going to bed at 1:00a and still waking up at 6:00a. Rebel is, obviously, a classic 1950's teen angst picture, but I had never seen it before last night and neither had my friends, so that was fun. Plus they took me to eat excellent Indian food before the picture. Such good times. They are my favorite couple (even better than Brad and Angelina) and I hadn't seen them in forever so it was definitely a nice evening, but now I am wiped out.

Mmmm. Macaroni and cheese. Oh yeah, and I made brownies. I am going to get so fat.