Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 June 2005


I don't know why my back hurts as much as it does. :-( Boo to that.

Tomorrow I have an interview with the head of something-or-other at Cal Poly to move me into the (cue ominous music) faculty pool. Whatever. I really don't see why he has to meet with me, what we're going to talk about or why I had to tell my work that I'm taking my mother to the doctor's office. (I gave them a week's notice and everybody does it, so I don't feel that bad, but I do have a little lingering guilt.)

I started reading a new play: Michael Frayn's Democracy. The play is about West (and East, I suppose) German politics in the early 1970's. It's good so far... by that I mean well-paced and engaging with proper dramatic tension and some fairly good dialogue and conflict,but I'm fifty pages in (one act) and I'm not sure what the point is yet. I certainly wouldn't leave at intermission, but I don't see where he's going with this. It's actually just nice to have another voice playing in my head. I've been reading The Two Gentlemen on and off for, like, two weeks, so it's nice to hear the sound of another dramatist at least for a bit... still no concept for The Two Gentlemen. I wish I knew what I were going to do. I have a nice concept for the dog and not much else.

Mary Baldwin College sent me a letter. They do not acknowledge that I sent them a letter telling them that I would not be attending their university in the Fall, but they do say that I have received some kind of merit award (read: $$). They want to pay for half of my time at the school. It's very nice of them, I must say. I still will not be attending their school, but it's awfully magnanimous.

Madison says I don't have any gay friends. She sees this as odd (and perhaps deficient in some way?). A friend of hers has joined a theatre company on Robertson south of Pico and Madison and I went in support (Madison's husband was out of town). So I spent some time with Maddie; we haven't been seeing each other much, and I think we needed to reconnect a bit, although I think our relationship will always be one that falls back into normalcy quite quickly. "But I do have gay friends," I said. Perhaps she thinks I ought to have a little clique like the boys in The Broken Hearts Club or the ludicrously unreal amalgam of gay subcultures that is Queer as Folk. But then, maybe she is right on some level about my choice of friends. I don't know. I think more that my friends are really people I have grown to love over a long period of time or, instead, people who are are just fun and fabulous no matter their choice of sexual partner(s). I certainly am not missing out on gay culture in a huge way (I read The Gay and Lesbian Review for chrissakes!), but I am, perhaps missing out on some really fun bitchfests and some serious camaraderie. Hmm. Tito, have you any thoughts on this? James, you have a large circle of gay friends, right? Any thoughts?

Good evening lovelies; I am off to bed. I have to wake up hella early tomorrow so's I can leave Burbank and be in Pomona in a timely manner to take Mom to el doctór.