Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 June 2005


Hey y'all,

I'm going to Vegas for the weekend.
Last night I went to this reggae concert in Malibu that was pretty sweet. The headliner was John Brown's Body and they are awesome.
My friends and I really went to see Steel Train, who were done playing after, seriously, twenty minutes. My two girlfriends who were there went home disappointed, but I decided I was gonna stay and hear the headliner. So I was at this random bar in Malibu called the Malibu Inn dancing like a fiend to this badass reggae band. Very, very strange times.

OK. Off to Vegas.

Oh yeah, and I must never have driven through Malibu Canyon before, but I did it yesterday and it made a serious impact on me. I feel I need to live in Malibu when I get wealthy. Maybe I can go to Pepperdine for my degree...