Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 June 2005

Weekend Update

This evening I baked an Angel Cake... a difficult task, I assure you. Hopefully it's good. It's for a co-worker's birthday tomorrow. I also tried to make some sort of lemon glaze to take along with it, but that turned out kind of crap.

On to news of the weekend:
I went to Vegas! So I got home from the Will Dailey/Steel Train/John Brown's Body concert around 1:00a and then I woke up around 7:30a to leave for Vegas. Julie drove Lisa, Anna, Dave and me. We met John and Jaime (who were already there) at the Venetian, where we stayed. The rooms are so very nice. Actually, I guess it's an all-suite hotel: swank.

Of course we left late (Lisa and Dave were late getting to Julie's), so we got to Sin City around 2:30p or so. I wanted to lay by the pool immediately, but that was vetoed. Instead, we walked around a bit and drank $1.50 beers until about 4:00p when happy hour started at Tequila Joe's. We drank heavily there. (I was having kamikazes and Long Islands.) Then it was off to the Luxor for their buffet (not recommended--anything called the "Pharaoh's Pheast" should be avoided anyway, but the hotel is cool) and then the MGM Grand to get a Fat Tuesday. We split up there. Dave, Lisa, Julie, Anna and I went to NYNY to their Big Apple club, a hip-hop joint. Just. Like. Last. Time. After standing around at the Big Apple, Dave looked at me and gave me the let's-ditch-these-girls-and-get-out-of-here-immediately look and in twenty minutes we were at an actual club called Krave.
I love the gays. Seriously. I finally started having some real fun. In truth all I wanted to do was dance... I even danced a little at the Big Apple... and the deejay at Krave knew what he was doing. He had that perfect mix of excellent dance music with just the right amount of breaks for taking small breaths or finding out the name of that guy who is rubbing your ass (or not). It was great. I danced for nearly three hours straight... well. And there was a drag show! And not just any drag: really good drag. It is Las Vegas after all. There were three performances each better than the next. The first one was this queen with a costume worthy of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert dancing to French Affair's "Sexy" and then there was this fabulous little Filipino queen with some awesome dance moves doing some kind of Donna Summer medley (this was a huge hit, of course) and then came Britney Spears. The guy dancing to Britney was so hot. I cannot even describe it because it's so weird, but Dave and I both agreed: he was a really hot guy, like, if you saw him on the street you would turn and look, and he also looked a lot like Britney Spears. He danced and then stripped from that Oxford-shirt look into the "Slave" look and then he gave this guy whose birthday it was a lapdance... it was great fun.

I went to bed around 5:00a and then we came home the next afternoon, hitting loads of traffic, of course. It was so short. I wish I were still there, but ah well. Even a little Vegas is better than no Vegas.