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14 December 2005


I missed Brokeback Mountain last night. Justin, Elizabeth and I went to see it at The Grove (the only place it was playing last night) but it was sold out at 8:00, sold out at 9:00 and sold out at 10:00. It was playing at 11:10, but we opted to leave and go play tranny tourists down on Hollywood Boulevard.

Tonight, I got ditched by my friend. I was really tired--I've been exhausted lately... not sure what that's about: probably from staying out late Monday night. That shit can snowball through your whole week. But I went to see King Kong anyway. It's awesome, I guess. And I don't mean that it's really great or anything I just mean that it's sort of wondrous. It's definitely wondrous. The imagination of Peter Jackson is incredible and so much in this film is superb, excellent, innovative and fascinating. And yet so much about the movie is so... well, boring. Naomi Watts is unbelievably good and gives a strong, earnest movie star performance. Adrien Brody is good, but mostly he's just gorgeous. To wit:
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I can't say I particularly liked the film. I guess I feel about King Kong the same way I feel about The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King. I feel like shrugging my shoulders. I mean, it's enormous and it demands respect because of its sheer monstrosity, and it's engaging and fun (for the most part) but I never really care and the end feels inevitable. Eh. Shrug of the shoulders. Peter Jackson just doesn't do it for me, I guess.