Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 December 2005

Weekend Round-up

Where did this weekend go and why can't all weekends be like last weekend (i.e. four days long)?

Every weekend from now until January I will have a holiday party to attend. Ah! The curse of popularity! This weekend I got a last-minute invite to a party in Aliso Viejo. I attended the soirée with my dear friends Matt & Linda (they drove; God bless them). This party was great: awesome food, good wine, excellent company, and four Christmas trees (one twelve-foot and three nine-foot) decorated like you would not believe. There was a nautical tree, a wine tree, a mardi gras tree, and--my favorite--a Ketel One tree. It was unbelievably fabulous. I want to be those people when I grow up... except for the Orange County part.

I spent most of yesterday (the sober part) finalizing all of my recommendation requests for grad school. I'm applying to ten schools.

(in no particular order)
Cornell University
Arizona State University
Ohio State University
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Texas at Austin
Florida State University
Brown University
Northwestern University
University of California at Irvine
University of Oregon

So I put together a packet for the four people who will send in recommendations for me: you know--stamped envelopes, little questionnaires that each school wants filled out, etc. Everything having to do with grad school takes forever! Then I wrote them thank-you cards and hand-delivered two of the packets. (Connie is delivering the other two tomorrow. Thanks, Connie!)

This morning I watched Christophe Honoré's Ma Mère with Isabelle Huppert and Louis Garrel. Snore... I mean, I like the performers a lot. I love Isabelle Huppert and I think Louis Garrel is very hot in a greasy, unkempt kind of way, but damn, this movie was about nothing. Well, no, it was about incestuous feelings between a mother and son and some other abberant sexual behavior. I don't know. It was really boring and not the least bit profound, unfortunately.

Today I bought paint. I'm going to paint my bathroom. The color is called Spanish Moss and I bought it at my friend Matthew's place of employ: Restoration Hardware. Shit is expensive there. I mean, I got 20% off and that was great, but shit is expensive. There's also no where to park in Pasadena this time of year. Just try.

I feel like I'm going on and on. There must be more that I need to talk about... I can never go to sleep on Sunday nights.

Oh. If you scroll down a bit, you'll see my list of movies for 2005. Are there any suggestions you'd like to make: not in ratings, but films missing from the list that you've seen that you think I ought to see for the year? Leave me a comment if there's something I just need to catch. I have Brothers in my Netflix queue, but what else?