Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 December 2005

Triple Feature

I jammed in three movies this weekend.
On Friday, Wahima and I saw Brokeback Mountain, which, as I have stated previously, was fucking great.

On Saturday, before heading over to my friends' fourth annual holiday soirée, I caught a matinee of Memoirs of a Geisha at my local multiplex. Snore. This movie is pretty bad, to be quite honest. It's all about prostitutes one-upping one another and is very difficult to take seriously. The costumes are beautiful, stunning even, but the movie is just a snore. There's no one to root for and for all its Asian mystique, the film unfortunately feels very American. Too bad. This is a definite failure for Rob Marshall. I guess he didn't realize that the States' obsession with Japan peaked in 2003 and that feels like eons ago.

On Sunday, Tito and I saw The Family Stone, which is definitely worth the price of admission, hardly ever sentimental, and boasts an excellent ensemble with Diane Keaton as its standout. If I had to compare it to a film, I would say it's similar to Love Actually, sort of, but good. Way better than Love Actually and truly touching and affecting without being cloying. Props to Claire Danes (I love her lately and she is simply gorgeous in this film), Sarah Jessica Parker, Ty Giordano, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel MacAdams, Luke Wilson and Craig T. Nelson as well. This movie is an excellent and loving portrait of a support system and all of its quirks and idiosyncracies. I ate it up.

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