Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 September 2004


Further proof that a new season has begun... I had the following conversation with my boss at 4:10p this afternoon.

Aaron: Steve, I just got a call.  I've decided to take a job in Burbank.  They want me to start on the 30th. That's nine days from now and it's a Thursday.  I'll do the A/R before I go.

Steve: "Um, ok.  What time is Nancy in in the morning?  We need to have a staff meeting."

Aaron: Ok.

They loved me at this company.  I start next Thursday.

And I had the best fucking meeting with my set designer.  I swear to god I love him.  And he looks exactly like Daniel Radcliffe.  But the set is going to be fucking fabulous.  I even made a lot of changes to his existing set.  Like, I had things to say and helpful suggestions to make and shit with the logistics of his set.  It was the greatest meeting.  The lighting designer still has not read the play.  Sally and Dustin and I laughed about the play.  They like it a lot better now that they have read it two and three times.  They understand what the fuck it's about.  And I decided for sure: no read-through with this show either.  No one is going to get it on the first read, so it seems silly to read it.  Now that I think about it, I don't think the cast ever read Arcadia together during rehearsal.  Nope.  We didn't.  [God, that was a long time ago.]

And another random voice from the past called me today: this guy named Asa Kim who is/was a fighter pilot in the navy.  It was so good to hear from this guy, though, and he didn't want to talk my fucking ear off either, so that was nice too.