Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 September 2004

Election: 2000

For a fascinating deconstruction of what happened in November 2000 in Florida, pick up October's issue of Vanity Fair (with the gorgeous Jude Law on the cover).  For me the most interesting part was the insider exploration of the workings of the United States Supreme Court and the alleged partisan behavior of Justice O'Connor.  In a definite departure from his usual magnanimous public persona, Justice Anthony Kennedy is transformed into a character of surprising gall and ambition.  Justice Ginsburg comes off as pallid and weak.  And, not surprisingly, right-wing idealogue Justice Scalia reads like a bully from a fifth grade recess.

The magazine's interview with Jude Law holds few revelations, but Dominick Dunne's musings on Ron Reagan Jr. and (his pet topic) Martha Stewart are worth the read.

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