Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 September 2004

Sometimes He's an Ass

I hate it when I avoid watching a movie because I don't think I'll like it and then when I finally do watch it it's great.  I feel like an ass when shit like that happens.  Keep an open mind, motherfucker.  So Do the Right Thing fucking rocked.

Last night I saw the west coast premiere of Richard Greenberg's brilliant play Take Me Out at the Brentwood Theatre in West L.A.  The version in my head is better than the one Tito and I saw, though.  Sometimes, directors just miss things.  This kind of thing happens in Los Angeles a lot because so many actors do so much television.  There is so much flat theatre here... and so many actors don't have voices.  Damn tickets were expensive, too.  Not that the play was bad, because it wasn't.  In fact, the show is ingenious.  It's just that this production was flat.  There was, however, nudity.  And a lot of it.  Some kid from popular was naked.  He was good in the show, too.  And Jeremy Sisto.  My favorite was the lead, Jeffrey Nordling.  I should also mention Ryun Yu.  Loved him.

It's so hot.  Ain't nothin' to do when it's so fuckin' hot, either. 

Do I want to go to a party in Pomona tonight?  Not really.  I shouldn't bail on Julie, but frankly I'd rather get a pizza somewhere and go catch Želary

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