Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 September 2004


I wound up casting eight people instead of seven and I think it's going to work out perfectly. For one thing, each of the interviewers will now be played by a different actor and each actor gets to play an interviewer, so I feel like I'm giving the chorus something to do.

Michael: Kevin Gonzales
Livia: Jean something-or-other
Delfina: Cyn Pérez
Teddy: Jeremy Sherry
Chorus: Eric Isbell (because he needs to be in a show), Courtney Rowan (because she deserves to be in a show), Anthony Rutowicz (because he sooo should've been in Foreigner), and Celeste Hartman (because Linda really wanted me to cast her.)

Sally sort of talked me into casting four people as the chorus. I only needed three, but both boys were so good and then both girls were really good too. So, I had them read the chorus as a foursome and it felt very full. We shall see.

At any rate, I think it's a really good cast. No one is a true risk. Some are young, I grant you, but I don't think they will constitute real work like some people last year did in LLL or SIN.

I cannot really speak about how fucking excellent Cyn was tonight. She was fucking great. Seriously.