Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 September 2004


I think the interview went really well, but one never knows about these things.  Business people can be kind of uppity, and I'm fun-loving and have strange hair so I never know how well I go over.  Telling stories in a restaurant or a bar, I know I will be a hit.  In a conference room where people ask semi-retarded questions like "Can you name three positive things and three negative things about yourself?"  and "Do you mind having a woman as your boss?" I never know how much people like me.

Like I'm going to say, "I always tell my current female boss that she should quit telling me what to do and go home and watch her children.  Well I guess society would say that my three negative things are I'm a neo-nazi and I kick dogs and I worship Satan."

This company, though, was easily the nicest company I've been to.  They are some kind of $50 million company in Burbank that has a ten-person accounting department.  When I left there, I felt like begging them to hire me.

I was late for work when I left the interview, and I didn't want to show up to work in a shirt and tie (because I always wear jeans to my current job), so I changed my clothes--shirt, shoes and pants--while driving from Burbank to Monrovia at 80 mph. It was my spy-adventure of the day.