Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 September 2004

Rehearsal #1

First rehearsal went very well. I'm crazy about Anthony. I think he's very interesting. Jean is great, and will, I think, be very funny. Eric is really spooky. He's a very nice young man, but I always get the impression that he's just not having any fun at all. Kevin is great. He's a little more emotional with the character than I want him to be, but they all are, really. This was an issue in Closer, too, if I remember correctly. Everyone just feels too much. The plays I pick are often about not feeling. Elizabeth understood this tightrope beautifully. Kevin and I get along perfectly, though, and we moved straight into the mode in which we work. He seems to be talking to me more than he usually does, which makes me feel even better about the work.

This play is very very funny. I had no idea it was this funny. "I make frantic sandwiches"?

Interviewer: What then?
Michael: What then.
Interviewer: What then?