Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 August 2006

Another Exhausting Day of Orientation

We spent all day today at a conference. Today was Day Two of the Program for Instructional Excellence conference on campus, which is a program that FSU has designed to educate and assist graduate students who teach with workshops, tips, etc. on how to be better teachers.

It was mostly really helpful. Some of it was kinda boring and a lot of it tended toward the repetitive (which is normal as these things go.) My love for my fellow graduate students just grows and grows. I think they're all lovely, wonderful people and I feel really privileged that I will get to know them all over the next three years (I'm probably the only one of the twenty who will be here for five years: the MFA's are all here for three and the other MA's are here only for two.)

The thing I feel most is exhaustion. Tomorrow we have CPR training in the morning and then the other MA's and I have a meeting with the professor who will be teaching the class we're assisting. This meeting is supposed to go for two and a half hours; I don't know what the Hell we could possibly talk about for that long, but that's the plan. Then we have what the older grads call "safety meeting" at a dive bar called The Warehouse, followed by a party at one of the PhD's houses.

So much to do! I kind of wish I could just be alone for about four hours, and my roommate and I do kind of go our separate ways when we get home, which is nice just for the sake of decompression. It feels nice to take a break from talking about being a grad student for a little bit. It is definitely nice to have an ally at my side all the time; she is filling that bill and for that I am very grateful.

Off to bed, now. I'm fucking tired.