Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 August 2006

Road Trip as Seen Through Text Messaging

The following were sent out via Julie's cell phone to our circle of friends as we travelled:

We're driving through the scenic Mojave Desert of Arizona and still no arrests...

Oh my goodness, the Grand Canyon...

Goodbye Grand Canyon... Eagar, Arizona, here we come!

We're gonna hit the town in Eagar, AZ, however EVERYTHING is closed except for Booga Red's Cantina...

In New Mex, the land of enchantment. Cops are everywhere. Luckily they didn't see us hit that low-flying bird...

Texas gets one lone star in my book. We miss you guys!

The only beauty that Tex-ass holds is Marfa and Chingy.

Chingy got us wasted then took us to see the Marfa Lights. They were unexplainably amazing—but that just may be the sake talking...

DAY 4: Destination—Houston, East Texas. Arrests: 0 so far. Cool places in Tex-ass: 1. Run-ins with the law: 2. Being called "y'all" too many times to count: priceless.

Is anyone out there in the far-away land of Cali?

Houston is hot, muggy, and crowded... just like Lisa's bed. :)

Drunk in Houston, y'alls. Yee haw!

Mornin' y'all. We're fixin' to go to Mobile, Alabama today. We sure is missing you folks!

Finally out of rainy, tree-lined, swamp-filled Louisiana and into the great state of Mississippi, which, oddly enough, looks EXACTLY the same.

We's made it! We're here in this Alabama! We's fuckin' hungry for some dos' chitlins! We done love y'alls!

39 hours down: 3 to go... FLORIDA OR BUST!!!

Here comes the sunshine state... Tallahassee: approx. 70 more miles!

We're here and we're queer!

Just finished the first walk-through of Aaron's house and it's fabulous! We have to stay in a hotel tonight, but we'll be in the house tomorrow.

Guess what we're doing? That's right! Drinking it up at the hotel lobby bar. We're soooo high class...

Tallahassee Nights: The Ballad of Aaron Julie.

We're no longer homeless! Aaron got his keys!

We are sitting on the patio at Julie's Bar and Grill in Tallahassee, Florida! Aptly named, I feel...

Well everyone, the journey has ended and we are currently headed to the Jacksonville Airport. Aaron was thoroughly surprised by the arrival of Aines, James and DJ D-Wreck. For more info on the trip, feel free to call A-ron or make an appointment to see me. It's been real...

I feel like the texts got less and less sane-sounding as we went along. Hm...

I still have no internet at home (a home I don't own quite yet, much to my chagrin), but my phone is in good working order, though I'm feeling reticent to talk to anyone. I'm in bad stress-out mode and will be until escrow closes on this fucking house. Much love to the blogosphere. I miss you!

I have lots of photos which I will post as soon as I can and there will be blogs to come and emails answered when I have DSL up at my house...


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