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29 August 2006

Picture Share—Day Two

These are from day two of actual classes at FSU. As usual, I stop taking pictures when I ought not to. But a camera feels like an intrusive thing, and I always assume that no one wants it pointed at them. So...

This is Roomie (aka Julie):

In this photo, the girl stage right is Amy, the other girl in MA Theatre Studies and the girl stage left is Ariel, a scenic designer in the program:

Stage right is Jamie and stage left is Vanya. Both of them are in Theatre management. I don't know how I managed to get a photo that didn't include all four of the theatre management folk—they're generally inseparable:

In the foreground, again, is Roomie. In the back stage right is Ruth, also a scenic designer (who shares my sense of humor) and stage left is Becky, a lighting designer:

Jamie from management again in the foreground. Behind her is a very not very good picture of Kent, in the lighting program:

That's all for today. Would I had taken more and better pictures but alas, I did not.