Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 January 2005

Feels Like So Much

I really ought to be going to sleep now, considering that I haven't got much sleep the last couple of days (movie-watching and visiting people from other states have taken precedence over sawing Z's). That said...

I have been trying avoiding finishing my applications for Davis and Santa Barbara. There's really not much left to do; I'm just bad at getting up the gumption to do this stuff, plus... I owed a phone call, I had to pick up the photos of Xmas & New Year's Eve at Target, and I had to go locate someone to sign the checks for my HOA. I also worked overtime, which never helps when I want to get things accomplished in the evening.

I want to release my top 25 movies of the year as well as my "best of" actor list, but I still have Hotel Rwanda to see before I do this. Also, I have been reading Movie Club over at Slate and they make me want to see some other movies I still haven't seen: I'll be Netflixing Moolaadé, Goodbye Dragon Inn, Notre Musique, Son Frère and Tarnation.

At work today I guess you could say we had drama. I try to stay out of it, that is, above it, but that rarely works as you all know me to be a rabid chismoso. I love gossip; mostly because it's so trashy and you can get in trouble if you get caught and you have to weasel out of things. Fun! My favorite person at work (Miss Weng) is kind of above the gossip, though, and she made me feel a little guilty for partaking. Ah well. But the girl who I told you about (the girl who never works and who grates on my nerves like an Ashlee Simpson song in the middle of the afternoon) vowed today that she would never. ever. speak to me. again.
Hilarious. I try so hard to be nice, y'all, but you know I am evil (well, more like Darwinist or Randian/Objectivist) at heart and I just can't abide nonsense like pretending to work and taking one's self too seriously.

Shout out to Weng. Hi! I opened your chocolates a day or two ago, by the way, and they are all in perfect condition. Hmm.

I'm sure I had other dirt to post on here, but it's not coming to me. Shit.

Oh I know! I bought two very fun shirts yesterday.
The first is a light pink tee with a silkscreen print that says "I got my girlfriend pregnant and all I got was half my paycheck." So gay.
The second is the most hilarious tee I have ever seen and I don't think my description will do it justice, but I seriously start to laugh every time I even think of this t-shirt. It is one of those shirts that has like "Joe's Diner" or something in huge letters, and underneath that it says "Scranton, NJ." Underneath that is a giant picture of a steak sandwich. Beneath that is the phrase "I ate the whole thing." All of this is silkscreened.

This shirt, though, has the word "ate" crossed out with a felt "x" and in raised felt words the phrase "DIDN'T EAT" is written next to the word "ate." The entire effect is really quite genius.

I didn't eat the whole thing.
Urban outfitters also had a shirt that said "Everyone loves an Asian guy" which seemed appropriate for me.

I could wear it clubbing.

If I went clubbing.

'Night mother.

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