Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

20 January 2005


As an athiest, I believe that attaining happiness (whatever that means to any one person, be it thrills or comfort or elation or quiet bliss) is paramount during our existence on Earth as humans. Sometimes, achieving lasting happiness means suffering for a period of time (e.g. going on the South Beach Diet for a month and a half). Sometimes, achieving momentary happiness becomes important. When a craving for lemon pie hit me today at 2:00p, I told myself I would head over to a bakery and order myself a slice of pie before the evening was over.

Moments ago, I finished doing just that. I took the book I'm reading to Marie Callendar's (ghastly place, but I knew for a fact they would have the pie I wanted) and ordered myself a coffee and a slice of pie. It was lovely.

I had a shitty day at work, too, and I deserved a little comfort. The reasons my day was shitty were many. There is a long story about receiving a seemingly-benign email meant as a gesture of friendship (?) with the word "faggot" in it. (Seems like there's something every single day, doesn't it?) There is also the story of me getting very little sleep and feeling incontinent this morning.

I pay my property taxes through the bank that handles my mortgage (i.e. World Savings). I pay them a monthly allotment which they hold in an escrow account until they have to pay my property taxes. It's not that great of a system, but Mick set it up for me when I bought the house, so I decided to leave it. Well, by Federal law, the bank has to reconcile the escrow account bi-annually. This time, the reassessment meant that the bank had to cut me a check for property taxes I've paid in excess. A Really. Big. Check. Needless to say, that cheered me up.

Peace out, homies. Tell yourselves I love you even if you know I despise you. It'll make you feel better.

Chris, thanks for reading. I was genuinely surprised to get your note. I'll drop you an email soon.
Allan, I am very grateful for you, even if I don't say it.
Wahima, In parallel to you hating other black people in the theatre, I think I tend to dislike other homos at CSUP... maybe it's just Pomona weighing down on you.