Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 January 2005


Feel free to ease on down the road.

Just watched The Wiz. Good times.

I have no car right now because I dropped off the rental this evening and I'm not picking up my vehicle until the morning.

There was drama at work when i was gone, I guess. I really have no idea what happened, but evidently the one at work who I think is lazy made a "formal complaint" about me to our immediate supervisor. Who knows what it's about, but the three bosses I have who are above my immediate supervisor all seemed just fine with me today, so I guess no one told them about said "formal complaint." I can't help but worry about it, I suppose, if only because it means that I (or a perception of me) caused uneasiness in my place of employment.

I didn't hear about all of this until noon when I asked one of the co-workers why the lazy one wasn't speaking to me. This girl didn't speak to me all morning. After I heard about the "formal complaint" I made it my business to be extra-nice to her: inquisitive, asking her for help when I didn't need it, asking about her hair, etc. (y'all know the drill). After I did that for about an hour, this girl was fine and dandy: making jokes, telling me I was funny, asking me about my vacation, etc. So we'll see how it goes down tomorrow.

Goddamn I hate drama... unless it's somebody else's.