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16 January 2005

My Weekend in Sin City

Now, bear in mind that Aaron, dear readers, has never before visited the much-famed city of Las Vegas. My friends have never gone before on a weekend when I could attend (mostly owing to my crap previous job.) So...

After work, I immediately headed over to Jaime's house in Montclair. We were met by John and Jason and began the drive to Nevada. We arrived in Stateline and we checked into our hotel (Wild Bill's) around 9:30p. We immediately purchased beers for ourselves, Jaime and I headed to the roulette table and John and Jason moved in on the craps table. We played for a while and I lost rather a lot of money on roulette (made some back on blackjack, but not enough.) Jaime spent most of her time with me, thankfully, so I didn't have time feeling uncomfortable or bored in the casino and I made a friend at the table who actually gave me money (I know; I'm hot.) Anna, Lisa, Julie, Chris and Anita showed up around 1:15a, I guess, and they started playing slot machines. I was really shocked. I mean, I had just been gambling with over $100, and they wanted to play nickel slots! They drive miles and miles to Nevad to play nickel slots?! They're not even fun. Ah well. Anyway, Chris asked me to play blackjack with him so I could teach him about the game, so Jason, Chris and I played that a while and after everyone but Jason deserted me I decided to go to bed around 3:15a.

Got 7 hours of sleep, woke up, checked out of Buffalo Bill's and then waited while most everyone rode the roller coaster there. We got some cheap food and then headed off to Vegas proper. We got to the hotel around 3:00p I guess. We stayed at the Imperial Palace (cheap, kinda trashy, right on the strip, therefore: perfect). But when we got to the hotel, all everyone wanted to do was rest. Mind you, we just got up at 10:30a, it was now 3:00p and HELLO I've never been to Vegas before. I have no interest in sleeping in my hotel room when I can be outside checking shit out. Jaime finally took me down to the bar. We did shots, and then I had two gin and tonics (yum). EVERYONE else went back to their rooms, including Derek (who lives in Vegas and decided to come stay with the girls in their hotel room) to "rest." I wasn't having it. Jason, Chris, Anita and I went across the street to Caesar's Palace and lo and behold! the Forum Shops, which no one has ever told me about. It's basically the most upscale mall you could ever hope to see and it extends seemingly forever. There is store after store of nice clothes, handbags, art, shoes, toys, jewelry: I almost passed out. I was like a kid in a candy store the whole time. Chris and Jason were laughing so hard at me because I was so excited.
I bought a pair of the coolest plaid slip-ons (green, yellow and red stripes on navy canvas with white soles) from Ralph Lauren Polo for $30!!! They didn't have Jason's size and he was pissed.
After my first site-seeing adventure, which extended to the Bellagio and their watershow, we went back to the hotel, changed and then we all went to the Rio together for their buffet for Anita's birthday. After that, we went to the MGM Grand's Fat Tuesday so we could each get a huge blended drink with an added shot of everclear (have I mentioned yet that I had been drunk since around 4:00p?) I was also exhausted by this point from all the walking, but after we gambled at the Grand for at least 2 hours, we went to New York, New York to gamble some more and find a lounge. I did not gamble more than $20 after my fiasco-sized losses at Wild Bill's. After a while, Chris, Jason, Anita and I decided to walk up the strip from NYNY to the Imperial. Went to bad around 3:00a.

Sidenote: at this point, I had really lost patience with the Julie/Anna/Lisa/Derek contigent, because all they want to do is sit around. They don't want to do anything except drink and sit... and I can drink at my house in Pasadena. Ain't no reason to drive for 4 hours and get a hotel room to drink. Plus they take forever to go anywhere. AND they don't want to do anything Anita wants to do... and it's her birthday we're supposed to be celebrating for chrissakes.

In the morning everyone in my room decided to ditch the Julie/Anna/Lisa/Derek contingent and go to the Mandalay Bay to see the shark exhibit which was SO FUCKING COOL. Then we went to NYNY to ride the roller coaster there, which was awesome, but a tad expensive I thought. We met Julie/Lisa/Anna/Derek at MGM Grand again for Fat Tuesday and some more gambling (plus pictures with weirdos at the hotel there.)
Then we went back to The Forum Shops to buy more shoes for me: HELLO $30.00! Need I say more? I bought two more pair and John bought a pair too.
We got more 2-for-1 drinks at Tequila Joe's (this place is great if only for the price... the Imperial Palace is a nice location for a lot of reasons.)
After this, Chris and Anita went to see Céline Dion (lame) and since I couldn't get tickets to any of the Cirque du Soleil shows last minute (silly me), I decided to go clubbing with J/A/L while Derek, Jason, John and Jaime went to Barbary Coast to gamble (they like table games). We left for the club at NYNY called the Big Apple around 11:15 and stopped again at Fat Tuesday and then walked to NYNY from MGM (geez). I was in a good mood by the time I got into the club and the dancer that the girls are obsessed with is gorgeous though this is not uncommon for dancers. In the club, the girls did not want to dance, so I got up and left them at some point and made my way onto the floor where I danced by myself to the hip-hop (thumbs down) for at least forty minutes before one of them came to get me. They kind of joined me on the floor but didn't really dance at all, which was frustrating... they crowded the floor and didn't move.

I know I should learn patience with these girls, but I am learning that they have bad taste in clubs (nothing underground or risky) and can't seem to get their asses in gear to do anything that I like to do. We just have hugely different tastes. If I am going to a club I want to DANCE and if I am in the biggest shopping mall on earth I want to SHOP and if I am in a city where no one sleeps I definitely do not want to be in my ROOM. They have no sense of risk. Same fucking drink place, same damn drinks, same buffet (buffets are kind of white-trash, I think).

At any rate I continued to dance for at least 2 hours and then their dancer left and they got bored so we went back to the Imperial.

We left for Los Angeles today around 2:30p. I had the GREATEST time and Vegas is definitely my town. There is so much to do that I didn't do and so many shows that I want to see.

The 3 pairs of shoes for $110.00 alone makes the weekend badass, but the shark exhibit, all of the drunken craziness, and the utter majesty of this town made the weekend unforgettable. I had such a fabulous time.

Love to all.
Call me.
There are still a few movies to see.

P.S.: the Golden Globes are pregnant with meaning, but have no effect whatever on the coming Oscar nominations since the polls closed Saturday at 5:00p.