Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 January 2005

Give Me a Buzz. No, Give ME a Buzz.

If you don't ever call me and you are unaware, my outgoing voicemail message (which rotates on my whim) is currently "This is Aaron Thomas reminding you to remember the Alamo." With that in mind...

Actual voicemail message I received yesterday:

I remember the Alamo. I remember that a bunch of uh... fuckin'... queer Texas cowboys lost to a bunch of Mexicans with lawn mowers and fucking garden hoses. Uh... just called to say hi and um... give you a bit of an update... on things. Uh... if you get this message tonight give me a buzz, if not, give me a buzz whenever you feel like it. Alright buddy, talk to you soon. Hope things are well. Later.
The person who left this was not trying to be offensive (to Mexicans or to homosexuals). I just think he can't really help himself.

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