Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

20 January 2005

Finally, Some Theatre Work

So I talked to my old boss at CSUP, Bill Morse and he is still go for hiring me in Spring quarter to direct. He suggested that Bernardo Solano (the playwriting and community-based theatre teacher at CSUP) send me a few plays and that I pick the final two to go up with a play by Matthew Guerra. Bill asked how many Bernardo should send me. I responded, "As many as Bernardo thinks have potential." I quickly added that I wanted him to send me Wahima's play for sure. (I already have it, but I want them to be aware that I want to do it.)

Bill: Would Wahima be willing to work with you on it.
Aaron: I know she would. We are very close.
Bill: Ok.
Aaron: We're sleeping together.
Bill: Oh. I see.

This is getting closer and I am getting excited.
Can someone tell me when A Breeze from the Gulf goes up so's I can block out time to attend it? I am very excited about it as well.