Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 December 2004

Must It Really Rain This Much?

I rented a car today. It was really easy. In fact, I got there at 5:50 and the place closed at 6:00p. No sweat. The bummer is that my insurance has decided that they will cover $19.99 a day of the insurance and my car (the second cheapest on the lot) is gonna cost $27.99 a day. Plus, I still kinda have to figure out how I'm gonna drop the car off in the morning and then get back to my casa to drive the rental to work. I will probably be late to work tomorrow. I hope it's not a big deal.

I meant to be starting some of my applications today. Maybe I will in a bit. But where I really want to be is at the cinema watching one of the few remaining films on my list for 2004. No, I need to get to work on these apps or they'll never get done.

There is much to relate about the past couple of days. I will work backwards.

Yesterday, I met Justín at his house in Hollywood and after driving to Westwood for the sake of adventure, we saw Million Dollar Baby over at The Grove. (It's still considered a "holiday period" there, so expect to pay $12.50.) I am predicting Million Dollar Baby to win Best Picture when the Oscar ceremony rolls around in February, but things could change. The movie works splendidly and has a great emotional payoff. Expect nominations for Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood (director) and Morgan Freeman. Furthermore, expect Freeman to take home the Supporting Actor trophy on Oscar Night. Bold predictions after seeing the movie last night, I know, but I think they'll come true.

Funniest joke of last night... Justin: "I thought this movie was about the Lindbergh kidnapping."

I felt so busy this weekend, and busy I do not agree. I like to relax and do things around my house. I'm not saying I like chores; i just like to have time to do chores. Christmas was lovely. I spent the morning with my folks, who all got me books or movies (all of which I selected ahead of time via amazon.) For the evening I headed up to my friends the Dunways' house in Valencia. There were nine people there in total and there was food for days. There was goose and lamb and roast beef and cheese fondue and yams and wassail and green beans and apple-sausage stuffing and mashed potatoes and spinach salad and poached pears in red wine and roasted artichokes and wassail. It was a fucking feast and no mistake. There was also an ornament from Pottery Barn at each setting and Christmas crackers to open. After gorging ourselves we all played Cranium, which is a blast if you've never played. All in all, it was a lovely time with friends old and new and a very happy Christmas day.
The 26th was more family stuff... this time my mother's family. I was kind of a dick at that event. I played the rebel son and kept bringing up liberal ideas. Plus, I showed up early and then left early to go see my friend Jill who is visiting from Ohio. It was also my homophobic friend John's birthday so Jill and I met him for a drink later on in the evening. (He is not a homophobe, really, to be fair... I just call him that.)

I want to relax for a bit... you'd think that would be possible with a long weekend, but no dice.

Also, I am really really annoyed with this one girl at work who isn't pulling her weight. It's not just that. In truth, I think her laziness is symptomatic of a larger unhappiness with life and her inability to be grateful for what she has. The latest news with her is that her beau gave her a ring for Christmas and she went and had it appraised! "I want to know how much I'm worth," she says. Uh-huh.