Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 December 2004

Post for J. Reynolds "Some things stay the same / Like time / There's always time"

I was thinking today about "She doesn't look at me. They never do. How can they. There are long lines of people all the time."

Today after I left Jamba Juice there was a woman with a stroller talking to a female companion about this store "Memories" that had God only knows what in it. As I walked past I sang "Memories" from Cats, and thought how freaking odd I must seem to this lady, to whom I was obviously singing. She answered back with the next line from the song. I didn't look at her; I had sunglasses on anyway. I just kept walking.

I applied for a day off in January to go to Las Vegas for a friend's birthday. The form said "Reason for request of time off." I asked my supervisor what she usually writes and she said "Personal." I wrote "Vegas, baby!"
My vacation day was approved.

Last night I saw Jon Robin Baitz' new play called The Paris Letter. It's really really good and needs a lot of help. It's three hours and has hardly any order at all. He does a lot of things wrong... he usually does. But I always ADORE Act I of his shows. Usually he ruins them in Act II with an upbeat ending that makes. no. sense. This one ends the way it should, but lacks focus and dramatic intention. The characters are masterfully drawn, though. I could fix it if I had the chance, but it's Jon Robin Baitz and he doesn't know me from Adam, so that won't be happening. I wonder how come no one else fixes the show, though. Ah well. Neil Patrick Harris is in the show and he's naked for like four minutes... no shit. He's kinda hot: nice body, a little skinny. The other guy in it: Josh Radnor is also naked in it and he's way hotter. Both are excellent in the show. I forget the other actors' names. Ron Rifkin is the lead more or less, but he just plays "irascible old man." Radnor is the most brilliant talent in the show. Hopefully he goes far... and hopefully he reads this and invites me to coffee. I wish I could fix this play. I know exactly how to do it.

Tonight Allan and I saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou at The Grove and we both liked it. It snowed at The Grove at precisely 7:00p--definitely worth the $3 of parking with validation. Plus I did Christmas shopping. Hooray. Almost done.

Oh, and I ran into Nathan Fillion who used to play Joey on "One Life to Live" and then was on "Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place." HOT. I didn't really run into him, but I did walk past him at a distance of about two feet and then turn and stare at him. I've run into other people at The Grove, but I stared at Nathan Fillion.

Quote of the day:
"I heard Mike Steger booked a McDonald's gig."
"Can you still recognize him with the white makeup and the big red shoes?"

Oh yeah, I finished Neil LaBute's Fat Pig, the politics of which are questionable. It's Neil LaBute. This play reads like a shocking episode of primetime television. It does a lot of things right in a lot of ways, but after watching Jon Robin Baitz' play, I was just reminded that Baitz is a very very talented person who needs help with his work. LaBute will never be anything more than somebody who thinks all people are basically assholes. Baitz has more talent in his little finger than LaBute has in his whole upper torso (I can't speak for the lower half).