Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 December 2004

So, the Pontiac Sunfire or whatever the fuck this car is called is okay. It's not necessarily as much of a piece of shit as I thought it was.

Tonight I went over to Diamond Bar after work to make the birthday party for John D, Jaime's boyfriend. Jai had this idea in her head that she would throw it like a wake, so everyone wore black and we made this video for John as if he had died. I was wearing a hoodie when they filmed me, so I was smoking a cigarette and saying things to the camera like "John was the nicest homosexual I ever met" and "He taught me so much about what it mean to be a queer." It was funny, and my part on the video was a definite hit.

Oh, and I meant to share all of the gifts I got for Christmas, so here goes:
In America
Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and... Spring

The Complete plays of Tennessee Williams (hardcover, baby)
Jean Genet, Funeral Rites
Edward Albee, Seascape
Edward Albee, Finding the Sun
Augusto Boal, Games for Actors and Non-actors
Augusto Boal, The Rainbow of Desire: the Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy
Richard Greeberg, The Violet Hour
Jerzy Grotowski, Towards a Poor Theatre
Sarah Kane's Complete Works
A Harold Pinter anthology
Warren Leight, Side Man
John Gielgud: the Authorized Biography
A Performance book/lecture on Jacques Lecoq
Shakespeare's Songbook
Plus my cousin got me a daily calendar from The Joy of Cooking. Awesome.

I know nearly everything on this list has to do with theatre, but what can you do? It's what I love.

I watched a little bit of Maurice last night when I got home, and I started to feel a little emptiness in my heart. I want to be in love again. I remember how it felt and I miss the feeling. Maurice just made me want to lay my head on a man's chest and tell him I love him. If you've never seen Maurice and you like Merchant-Ivory flicks, be sure to check it out.